My CD Has Been Released!


Originally posted on on August 26, 2007.

May was spent not only opening up the camper, and not just planting the garden. As you all know (if you’ve followed the blog), a great deal of time was spent by me finishing up my CD. At least the music part of it. Having recorded the music and mixing it, and then re-recording and re-mixing, and re-re-mixing… ugh… the music was finally completed in mid-June to the point where I could declare that the project was finished.

Um, kind of. It was probably about two weeks before I completed the music that I realized, “um, I really should work on the actual CD cover and stuff that goes in the package.” Yeah… smart move waiting until that point. Hey, I’m not a graphic designer. What do I know? Can’t they just whip something up in a day, call it good, and move on?

Well, even if they could, there was another problem: I had no concept at all.

I tossed feelers out to different people. Any ideas? And inspiration was garnered through the process. Actuaries may seem uncreative, but clearly, that’s a myth. Right? Who’s with me on this?

The idea that stuck was to have the kids involved. They drew different drawings of what came to mind when they thought of God, or Jesus, or the Bible. I had them write out the song titles. The six year old got the cover. And so, armed with this concept, onward to the graphic designer. Eventually, we settled on a “scrapbook” kind of theme. And so, the CD eventually came to fruition. Title: Avant-God.


Yes, I have received it! This last week, the shipment arrived! And now, I am face to face with the reality that I have a CD with no distributor, no name recognition, no prior works, no band, and no sound system. Other than that, it’s perfect!

OK, OK… no, I am not whining. I knew all that going in. Clearly, the impetus for this project was not fame and fortune. That said, now that I have a bunch of copies, it also makes no sense for me to sit around and not at least try to do anything with them.

And so, I do have them in a local Catholic book store. I am working on some promotional materials, slowly but surely. They currently are available at Within the week, both downloads and CDs will be available for sale on Anyone can order directly from me for the moment by sending an e-mail at

So, all that is great, but unless people actually know it’s out there, they probably won’t find it in any of those places. This is where I’m learning. But it will not happen through normal promotional channels. Let’s face it. I’m an independent Catholic/Christian Rock guy. Not exactly the broadest of audiences. But I’m trying. I’ve contacted a few other places and once I have a web site up and running and promotional materials completed, I’ll be better armed to give it a shot.

In the meantime, if anybody reading this knows someone that knows someone, let me know! Or if you would be so kind, check out the link above and listen to the 30 second clips. (Clips on CDBaby will be 2-minutes, os that will be better). If interested in buying, either do it in one of those places or let me know direct. And word of mouth is the only way to get anywhere with this, so if you enjoy it, let others know. I appreciate it.

But enough of the shameless groveling and self-promotion. Please understand that my goal never has been to be a promoter. It is not in my comfort level. I am just doing what i need to do. But the reward for me has already come. I guess from a financial standpoint, I wouldn’t mind doing another project in the future, so I’m just hoping to get my money back so I can finance it, otherwise it probably will not happen. If that’s the case, so be it. But if there is an alternative, then that is preferable.

And so, this is the most exciting part of my summer vacation. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of everything here. Also, more camping and garden stories are sure to come! And our kitchen. And porch. And… how in the world did we fit all this in?

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