My CD Description of Avant-God


Originally posted on http://digitaldiatribes/ on February 11, 2008.

Well, my previous post is my personal bio with regard to my Catholic Rock/Christian Rock music. Before that, I provided my own dissertation on the reasons why Catholic Rock is a good and salvific thing, and not some agent of the devil. Now, it’s time to share the CD description of the Actual CD release, Avant-God. What follows is my official “CD Description document” as it currently stands.

Avant-God is straight-ahead rock that is not only Christian, but truly Catholic as well. Envision the music as a hard-rock-wannabe-trapped-in-a-keyboard-player’s body influenced by the pop and rock of the 70s and 80s. Throw in some Contemporary Christian Music influences from the last couple decades and you’ve got Avant-God filling a much-needed niche in the Catholic music scene.

With a bang, the CD kicks off with “Holy Water,” setting the tone for the rock roots evident in most of the songs. Of course, every rocker has a softer side, as well. “Quiet Time,” “You Are My God,” and “Little Things” allow for a meditative respite from the more energetic fare. “Livin’ in a New Way” adds some spunk reminiscent of the dance rock of the 80s, but the lyrics still manage to touch on an important theme of the transforming power and meaning of our trials and suffering.

“Song For His Parents” acknowledges both God the Father and Mary, the mother of Jesus, by taking the “Our Father” and “Hail Mary” prayers and setting them to what is one of the more enigmatic, unusual, and powerful musical scores on the CD.

In a special category all its own, “This Unity of Light” was written specifically for Joe’s own wedding and used during the lighting of the Unity Candle. Recorded a bit edgier than the original, the song still stays true to the emotion of that day. Last but definitely not least is the title track, which closes out the CD. The listener is led to reflect on God’s glory through an initial progressive rock instrumental prelude, followed by lyrics remembering God’s covenant with us. A multitude of adjectives describe our God in this musical tribute to the Creator and Inventor of all things. Though “indescribable” and “incomprehensible,” we still know He is evident in all things in awesome ways. Truly, “Avant-God.”

I hope you don’t mind the marketing plugs, but here it is again:
To date, my music can be located on CD Baby ( for both purchase of the CD or music download. It can also be located at Dig Station ( for download. It has also been distributed for streaming and download at a number of other affiliated sites that house independent music, inlcuding I-Tunes and Napster. If you use any other services, search for my name, or “Avant-God” and it may be on there. Finally, if cost is an issue, or to buy direct from me, please feel free to send an e-mail at We’ll work something out, I promise!

God bless.

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