A Look Back, Part 2: Pedro’s Messages from July 1, 1994 – Dec 31, 1994


In my previous post, I covered a lot of ground, from 1987 – June 1994. Going forward, I will provide shorter sumamries as I move through the old messages of Pedro Regis. I believe it is important to have a historical context to all his messages, as we follow his more recent messages, which appear to be much more specific with regard to places and description of events that are supposed to unfold. In particular, I am very interested to see at what point this transition from general prophetic statements and a primary focus of spiritual direction occurs.

The answer is decidedly not in the latter half of 1994. In fact, other than references to Brazil, the seers home country, there are once again no references to other places. There are no references to specific future events, either.

We continue to see the focus of the messages as being a call to prayer and coversion. Unlike in my previous post, I see no potentially “iffy” areas of concern. There are calls to obedience to Rome, there are warnings about false teachings, there are many, many calls to prayer, including the Rosary. I could, once again, list all the different spiritual directives, but most would duplicate the list in my previous point. There may be a few additional things, stated in a slightly different way or with renewed emphasis, but nothing at all that is concerning from a doctrinal point of view.

From a prophetic standpoint, there is little new, as well. There are many calls to conversion and prayer in order to avoid a great punishment/catastrophe/tribulation and to achieve peace. According to the messages, as of 1994 we were at the brink of being too late. And does anyone at all think that we have heeded the call to conversion and improved our lot? The warnings of a great catastrophe are general, although he is told on November 5, 1994 that a “great punishment will come to Brazil.” There are more references to this being a time of events foretold by the Blessed Mother.

There is one particular reference to a time of peace that will be restored after the tribulation:
“The world will again have peace, but first must pass through serious problems. Many will lose the true faith. There will be wars and great catastrophes, but in the end, God will reign and peace will come for all peoples.” – October 3, 1994

With regard to the Church and the Pope, we once again see allusions to these as follows:

“Don’t be surprised when you see ministers of the Lord deny the truths taught by the church. The devil will deceive many priests, making them preach doctrines contrary to those of my Jesus.” – October 17, 1994

“Today I ask you to pray for the Pope. The moments foretold by me are coming. My beloved firstborn will suffer much, and with him, all those who are faithful to Christ.” – December 6, 1994

“Pray for my Church which is internally divided and in danger of losing the true faith.” – December 17, 1994

There are no references to martyrdom during this stretch of messages (which takes us up through message 895). Clearly, we are all well aware of the physical (and surely emotional) suffering of Pope John Paul II in his final years.

Some discussion on the previous messages and my comments:

I have received a number of suggestions from readers on how some of the messages through June 1994 may have been fulfilled. Some of these suggestions seem more likely than others to me, but all I ask is that we all be honest in our discernment. Something isn’t true or false because we desire that it be true or false. It’s either true or it isn’t. And there is nothing wrong with accepting that we may never quite know exactly how a message was fulfilled. I am more interested in whether or not something was outright erroneous. I have not yet come across an explicit error. However, I have no desire to go through mental convolusions to force a prophetic “fulfillment” either. But I also may not be aware of certain things that have occurred, or I may have not put two and two together, so I welcome all suggestions.

I had a very nice e-mail exchange with a reader regarding the references to Protestantism that concerned me. My concerns are not altogether alleviated, but this reader had previously lived in Brazil and had some insight into some of the practices of the Protestant churches in that country. Anecdotally, there were many good points the reader made, which I will not get into. It is possible that the message in question was intended to be more narrowly focused than I had taken it, though the message itself did not indicate that one way or the other.

A commenter suggested that the “group” in question is the Marian Movement of Priests. I took the messages to suggest it would be a new group. The Marian Movement dates back to 1972 and Father Gobbi (another purported seer). I personally do not think that is what is being referenced, particularly since it doesn’t seem like the group in question are priests.

Another commenter referenced world events that occurred from 1988 to 1991 with regard to the prophetic statements about the events foretold at Fatima unfolding within the year. I had thought of that, and I knew that the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate heart , followed by the collapse of the Soviet Union, occurred in 1991. Had the “within the year” messages occurred in 1990 it would have been very clear to me what was being referred to. I suppose we can chalk this up to the difference between our days and God’s days, but “within the year” seems fairly specific to me. The commenter suggests that the events may have culminated in the consecration and ultimate collapse of the Soviet Union, but the events that precipitated it started in 1988 in Poland, which then spread to other members of the Soviet bloc. The reader may well be correct on this point.

Regarding the martyrdom of the Pope, there are numerous possibilities that have been offered. I already alluded to a kind of spritual martyrdom of suffering as one possibility. It is also possible that an actual martyrdom refers to a future pope, since the message did not explicitly mention Pope John Paul II. A less convincing theory to me is one that suggests that Pope John Paul II was actually poisoned over the years by his enemies, eventually leading to his frail health and ultimate death. I suppose anything is possible, but I’m not sure about that one.

I guess what I don’t want to do is something that I often see by some of those fundamentalist “experts” on the Book of Revelation and Biblical Prophecy. You know, like Hal Lindsey and Jack van Impe. These are the guys who claim that “The Book of Revelation is more up to date than tomorrow’s newspaper!” And you watch their shows – which I admit makes for some entertaining mind-stretching – and everything that has happened in the world in the last week was “foretold in the Bible!” Well, I suppose in a very, very broad and generalizing way that is an accurate statement. But in the specific way they apply the events of the world, it is not true at all. And so, we Catholics chuckle at Jack van Impe, and then turn around and risk doing the same thing by finding some obscure event or theory that “fulfills” a message here and a message there.

Having noted that, I believe at this point that certain messages have clearly been fulfilled. I also believe that the more general prophecies of tribulation and catastrophe are not meant to be event-specific, but are recognized in their fulfillment as a cumulative sum of events that have no otehr good explanation. I suppose this is tough to prove, but the world sure seems to have taken a beating over the last decade, hasn’t it? From Natural catastrophes, to financial catastrophes, to terrrorist events, to wars, and now the oil spill… the question is whether or not the “birth pangs” of cataclysm get closer and closer together, or they abate and things aren’t as bad as they seem. The acts of God are nothing I can predict, but I understand economics and finance. And don’t expect anything real positive on the world scene in this area. I believe we’ve long crossed the Rubicon of eventual economic collapse in this area. The only question in my mind is when it will happen and how fast the fall will be.

Since my last post, we ahve seen major flooding affect Brazil. While I don’t suggest that this is the ultimate fulfillment of catastrophe for that country, it certainly may portend events to come. It was brought to my attention that this does seem likely to specifically satisfy a prophecy relating a similar flooding/rain event in Argentina to a similar event that would occur in Brazil. There are also prophetic statements about Asia in this regard. China has been strongly hit lately, but they are so tight with their information that it is difficult to know the extent of the problems there.

In everything, discernment is a must. I simply am here to offer insights. I will continue on with my review of Pedro’s 1995 messages and hopefully post on those soon.


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