Two Blog Awards


Father Jose LaBoy at Biltrix has (a while ago) nominated me for two blog awards.

The One Lovely Blog Award

Illuminating Blogger Award

Now, this is the first time I’ve been nominated for such an honor. I admit that, as a general idiot, I had no idea what I am supposed to do. I thought people voted on something or another. So, I didn’t really respond, because I didn’t realize that it’s kind of a community-recognition-and-establishment thing.

Now that I’ve realized how the game is played, I have decided to accept the honor and attempt to abide by the rules.

Rule 1: Display the award logo on my blog. I am not clear on whether or not the image on the post suffices, or if I needed to actually figure out how to display as a widget. After a bit of cheating by just linking to someone else’s image, I now believe I’ve mastered the art of adding an image to the column on the right. They are at the bottom.

Rule 2: Link back to the blog of the person who nominated me. Done! Not only is there a link to the nomination post above, but Biltrix is part of my blogroll already. A great site that you should frequent often. (I think “frequent often” is redundant, but if ever a redundancy was to be redundant, then now is the time. And the moment, too.)

Rule 3: State 7 things about myself.

Oh, gosh. I’m blushing…

But rules are rules:
1) I am a father of 8 beuatiful children. They are beautiful except when they are reminding me of the effects of original sin. Which is actually quite often. But I love them all the more in these times because that’s what I’m called to do. OK, that may be a bit of a stretch. I know I’m supposed to love them more, but sometimes when I’m yelling at them and showing my own effects of original sin maybe I’m not. Come to think of it, I need to go to confession.

2) I am an actuary. If you need to ask what it is, you’d be asleep by the time my explanation was completed. God gifted me with a skill in Math. However, my personality is such that I sometimes wonder how I ended up here. But I am blessed to be able to support my family, even if I have to sit at a computer on beautifuul sunny days. Mid-winter actuarial work isn’t too bad, though.

3) I have released an independent Catholic Rock CD. I’m a horrible marketer, and I have no equipment to allow myself to promote the music in any way. It was a bucket-list thing I wanted to do. But even if nobody knows about it, I am still glad I did it, even if it means I will be buried with the 8 full boxes of CDs that currently reside in my music room.

4) I am a Green Bay Packer season ticket holder. Oh, yes I am! Still giddy over the Super Bowl win a couple years ago.

5) I love to garden. I save and grow many of my own seeds. Mainly vegetable gardening – I know almost nothing about flowers, but would like to learn. We have a 9,000 square foot garden. That is not a typo. It keeps us busy.

6) I waste too much time watching TV. I admit it. Nothing settles me down at the end of the day after the kids go to bed more than some Netflixed TV show or movie. Unfortunately, the kids get to bed later these days and I’m sometimes too stubborn and stupid to go to bed, too. My queue keeps expanding, too, so I feel pressure to watch more.

7) I’m woefully out of shape. I used to work out and play sports all the time. Egad. I’m afraid to get a blood test because (other than fainting, which I will do) I suspect there is a combination of ice cream and gravy running through my veins. I really need to get into shape. I do pay a monthly fee at a fitness center that I never use, so I figure that’s got to count for something.

Rule 4: Nominate other blogs and link to their sites. It seems as if most of the blogs I frequent already have these awards, so I am not entirely sure if I should nominate them again or not. So I won’t, but know that I would. Yes… all of you. Every blog that has these awards, I would nominate you. Even those I don’t know about.

Authentic Catholicism. Both awards. I don’t know if I’m supposed to talk about them or not, and it seems like it’s best just to click on the link and see for yourself.
Fratres Orate. Both awards. If you want to go to a site and get depressed at all that’s wrong in the world, this is a good one… OK, that may not be a great introduction… but I’m serious in that we need to know about things that are going on, and he highlights a lot of the uncomfortable things that we nevertheless should be aware of.
Patrick Vandapool Both awards. I’ll be perfectly honest. I haven’t quite figured this guy out completely, and while I love a lot of what he says I don’t love everything he says. But he cracks me up. So that counts for something.
Public Catholic Both awards. Politics and Catholicism does mix. And I am opinionated in the political arena, so I won’t even say I agree with everything on the blog. But I do really appreciate someone who is not afraid to be public and open regarding her Catholicism while also serving in Public Office.
Divine Lamp Illuminating blogger award. I can’t give it the Lovely Blog award, because it looks like my college term paper. But it’s packed with a ton of resources and information.
Life Vigil. Illuminating blogger. What a wonderful resource for news in the battle for life!

Final rule: let others know I nominated them and give them the rules. Well, I’ll let them know, and link to this post so they can see the rules.

Thanks for the honor, Father!

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  2. “It looks like my college term paper”

    Wow! Just how poor a grade did you get?

    Thanks! I appreciate the plug.

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