Random and brief Diatribes


I have been out of commission lately due to the fact that my blog ranks in priority behind my wife, eight kids, work, figuring out my bills, working in my garden, and camping on the weekends. Throw in a wedding attendance and an anniversary and you can see where the posting frequency has faltered.

My family and I are planning a vacation to South Dakota later in August, so there will be yet another break in the action.

In the meantime, I have had some random thoughts along the way:

  • I really love really hot weather, but the drought conditions here are staggering.   Those of us with gardens to water can manage, but the farmers and their fields that do not have irrigation systems are scorched.   At this point, many of the fields are past help, but there is still a great prayer need for rain.   We need to replensih the water table, and not every crop is lost.   It’s the worst conditions in my lifetime in my imediate area.
  • Garden corn-on-the-cob is awesome.
  • I do like not having to mow the lawn.   Going on six mowless weeks now.   But I don’t like that it is crunchy.
  • Fish apparently aren’t as hungry when it’s really warm.
  • I’m trying to sell my boat, and by the time I get it fixed up it’s going to cost me what I can get for it.   I should have just given it away, and I’m not the least bit happy about this development.
  • “For Greater Glory” was a fantastic movie.
  • “The Dark Knight Rises” is, in my opinion, the worst of the three “Dark Knight” movies, though I can understand that some people were more troubled with the ruthless violence of the second movie.
  • People shooting multiple other people is clearly shocking and disturbing, but I never understand why we seem to pay little or no attention to the countless other murders across the country just because they happen one at a time.   And this isn’t a political blog, so I’ll leave it at requests for continued prayer for our country and a lamentation about how this is what we can expect from a continuing devaluation of human life in all but the most “perfect” of forms.
  • I can’t hardly believe it’s almost football season.   Go Pack!
  • May God bless all twelve of my readers.
  • I have no problem rooting for the USA in the Olympics.  And yes, I love the Olympics.   USA!  USA!

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