Co-opting The Rainbow


If you asked a hundred random people today what they think of when they hear the word “rainbow,” or perhaps what they associate the rainbow with, I wonder what the results would be.

Taken further, if you asked a hundred random people today what the colors of the rainbow represent, I wonder what the results would be.

Even the most devout among us, who would answer correctly that it is the sign of God’s covenant with man, would nonetheless have a picture of a rainbow flag come into our mind.   We would suppress that as our correct answer, and we would shoo it away to the best of our ability, but the imagery is there.   The co-opting of the rainbow as the symbol of LGBT rights is one of the most dramatic progressive marketing achievements in all of history.

And for this reason, I have to believe it’s by design not limited strictly to the genius of men.

It follows then that – despite all the Christians who are arguing that favoring gay marriage and embracing the complete and total acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle is simply Christ-like love – it is the most devious and diabolical marketing campaigns ever undertaken.

I’ve talked about this before, but the word “diabolical” conjures up extreme pictures of evil in many peoples’ minds.   But in actuality, the more diabolical something is the less evil and more good it looks to someone who does not recognize the nature of the thing.   That, in fact, is what makes it diabolical.   The horrible and contorted imagery may be an accurate one in God’s eyes as He looks at it, but to our human eyes the diabolical can take all sorts of seemingly pleasant, and even good, forms.

Everyone recognizes certain and extreme examples of evil actions.   We haven’t (so far) lost our way so much that when we hear stories of small children being used or abused in horrific ways that we collectively get a sick feeling in our stomach.  Nearly all of us say “that is evil.”   One does not have to even believe in God to recognize it.  This blatant evilness is not of a diabolical nature.   There is no attempt by anyone to mask it as a good or pretty thing.

Something that is diabolical is akin to a spiritual Trojan horse.   It is something that people want to embrace as good or useful.   It is not self-evident to many that it is not good.   It needs to be a thing that festers and grows and takes over, and the only way it can do that is to continue to look nice and shiny and appetizing.   But anything that is diabolical usually has what poker players would call a “tell.”

A “tell” is when a player gives away the kind of hand he or she has because they can’t completely control their reactions or emotions in certain situations.   (If anyone has watched “The Middle” you will know that their son, Brick, has a “tell” when he is lying.   After he lies, he drops his chin to his chest and loudly whispers “I’m lying.”   Most tells aren’t that obvious.)  Someone may nervously scratch their ear every time his hand is strong.   They may tap their cards on the table when they are bluffing.    Good Poker players are masters at picking up the subtlest of signs and using those things to their advantage.    This is one reason I’m not a great Poker player.   My female wife (I feel the need these days to distinguish the nature of my marriage, you know) could change the carpeting in my house and I wouldn’t notice.   As if I’m going to pick up on the fact that some guy itches his ear lobe when he has pocket aces.    But I digress.

Anyway, the Devil – believe it or not – has a few tells.   His hatred for God drives everything he does.   And he can’t help trying to find ways to either mock God’s authority or to usurp it.

So, the devil knows the following:  Marriage is the image of the inseparable bond of love between Christ and His Church.    The Family is the earthly image of the Triune God.   Children conceived because of an act of love between man and wife emulates in a human way the eternal existence of the third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, because of the love between the divine Father and Son.   The primary human reflection of Christ and of the Triune God in our world is marriage and family.

Since the Devil knows this, it only makes sense that if the goal is to destroy all imagery of God in this world, the way to do that is turn marriage into something that is sterile.   To turn it into something other than life-giving love and about self-fulfillment.   And to then destroy the very nature of it by making this the preferred and promoted version of marriage accepted by man, while causing animosity and hatred towards those who accept the actual natural concept of marriage.  It’s not enough to just dismantle family, it is better to find a substitute for it that actually mocks God instead of reflects the nature of God.   And the entire time he does this, it’s done in such a creative and ingenious way that a majority of people – including those who profess belief in God – actually partake in it, are complicit in it, celebrate it, believe it is actually good, and claim that God Himself would approve of it.   What a complete and comprehensive victory that is!   (Yes, we know the ultimate victory is Christ’s.   But this particular battle, at least for the moment, resides in the opponent’s camp.)

But what is the “tell?”   The “tell” is that Satan can’t help himself.   From a marketing standpoint there could have been many ways to represent the desire for acceptance, tolerance, and diversity so desired by the gay community.    What they chose is a Biblical symbol.    In many ways, they chose “the” Biblical symbol that was the first real promise by God to man.  The most amazing thing about this tell is that it is about as subtle as a sledge-hammer.   Satan went all-in on this one.   Either the use of the rainbow would be a cause of great alarm and its use would greatly backfire in promotion of the cause, or it would gain acceptance and serve as a tool of complete and utter victory on more than just one spiritual level.   Inexplicably, we Christians sort of fell asleep at the wheel on this one.   It’s not that nobody thought about it, and there were a few little minor attempts to “take back the rainbow,” but we never really fought it to a great degree.   Admittedly, there seemed to be bigger battles to wage.   But looking back, this was a miserable failure.

Christians who may not know any better may truly believe they are acting in love by supporting this progression of what marriage means in the secular world.  I mentioned the rainbow profile pics I’ve seen on Facebook.   Some of the people who changed I know are church-going people.  It is sad, but not surprising.   That is the nature and allure of the diabolical.   But if this were truly something from God and acceptable to God, would He really allow one of the most important signs He ever chose to give to us to be used in a manner that wipes its original meaning from the memory of men?  I, for one, can’t comprehend that this is the case.

A few short decades ago, the answer to “What does the rainbow mean?” would have been primarily known as a religious reference.   Anyone else would have simply not known or would have answered in a meteorological way.

But not today.

And the devil could not be more pleased.


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