A Metal Confession


I’m a devout Catholic who is listening right now to “Ride the Lightning” by Metallica.   I doubt this CD is real popular among most of my friends.

I can accept any opinions that I should stop and embrace chant or something with more beautiful expression.

But what can I say?   I like it, it keeps me awake, and I think I work faster.   Maybe not smarter, but faster!

2 responses »

  1. Hello Sir,

    Found you by a search of Metallica articles. To be perfectly honest, your friends probably don’t understand why you would choose to listen to Metallica, but I would reply with “How can you not listen to it?” Three epic songs from that album “Fade to Black,” “For Whom the Bell Toils,” and “Creeping Death” and two more classic songs “Ride the Lighting,” and “Call of the Ktulu.” It is a amazing record and it should be required listening for anyone who wants to truly feel alive.

    Peace to you and although I am not a Catholic, I would like to become a follower. With your permission of course.


  2. LOL.

    By all means, follow away. I’m afraid that was a random post and I wouldn’t expect many more posts on Metallica. I do agree with your sentiments on the quality of that whole LP, though. Plus, creeping death is about the judgment of Pharoah, so one could make a case that it’s worthy of discussion here!

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