Where are the Lawsuits Against the Muslim Bakeries?


First, a caveat.   I really don’t know the guy in the video I posted above, I don’t know what religion he is, and yada yada yada.

But I had personally been musing about the context of the gay marriage decision as it relates to the Christian community, while realizing the near-silence on any acknowledgment that other religions also have an issue with this.

In finding this video, I forced myself to read an accompanying article lamenting this guy and what he did, and they dismissed it as “Yeah, yeah…  all you did was show that there are bigots in all religions.   Big surprise.   Nothing to see here.”

Talk about missing the point.

it’s worth viewing this, and I think it’s pretty clear what point he is making.    While he does throw in some off-the-cuff stereotypical comments on Islam (I guess in today’s world it’s called Islamaphobia) that I probably wouldn’t choose to make, he is NOT saying that the refusal of the Muslim bakeries to bake a same-sex wedding cake is bad.   In fact, he fully supports their position, and is using this video to make the point that it’s a perfectly reasonable thing for them to do.

If not obvious by now, the entire point is that what is a reasonable consideration/accommodation for one religion should be reasonable for another.

Yes, some Muslim-owned bakeries would have baked this cake.  Likewise, many Christian-owned bakeries would do the same.   Yet, one couple decides that’s not the business they want to participate in and they lose their business, are fined $135,000, and are told they can’t even talk about it.   They are Christians.   And I thought this was America.   They were targeted, and the couple could have easily found another place to make the cake.   But they didn’t and they sued, all for the purpose of making an example of these folks.

So, the question is, why no lawsuits against the Muslim bakeries?   Again, I am not desiring or supporting such an action.   It’s just a reasonable question – why is one group being targeted but not another?

Let’s see…   when one group is targeted and another isn’t, we have a name for that.   What is it again?    Hmmm…   if only there were laws against targeting people unfairly because of their religion.

If only.

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