What do you call someone who thinks living a homosexual lifestyle is sinful (regardless of your view that the person who has homosexual tendencies is a child of God, has infinite dignity by the very nature that they are a human being, are made in the image and likeness of God, are loved by God, and loved by you)?

Obviously, the person is a homophobe.

What do you call a person who stands by the definition of marriage that has been in place since humanity has commenced as uniquely the union between a man and a woman?

Again, homophobe.

How about someone who is concerned about terrorism perpetrated by the very real subset of Muslims who commit terrorist acts, and believes that we should not be afraid to call it what it is?

Ah, yes.   Pure Islamaphobia.

And just the other day, it happened.   I saw the following headline:  “<So-and-so> apologizes for transiphobic tweet.”

There you go.   Now if you don’t post your rainbow flag for all to see, you’re a transiphobe.  Or a homophobe.   Or both.

I do not believe anyone should marry a turtle.   I’m a turtlephobe.

I do not believe Ford is superior to Chevy.   I’m a Fordiphobe.

I do not see why anyone enjoys Polka music.   I’m a Polkaphobe.

Polkaphobia seems to be a rampant illness in my circles.

The common thread I see with all these “phobias” is that the definition of a “phobia” seems to have transitioned (to use an inclusive term, so as to not be considered a phobiphobe) to the following:   If you in any way disagree with anything I say, do, believe, not believe, don’t say, don’t do, AND do not wish to recognize the absolute goodness of what I say, do, believe, not believe, don’t say, don’t do AND do not believe I should actually have some special and/or equal status in all legal ways to officially recognize in the eyes of society the goodness of what I say, do, believe, not believe, don’t say, don’t do AND if you in any way express an opinion written or verbal – or otherwise hold a belief that is unspoken, or perhaps raise an eyebrow within 1 mile of my physical presence – you are a <what I say, do, believe, not believe, don’t say, don’t do>ophobe.   Or maybe <what I say, do, believe, not believe, don’t say, don’t do>iphobe.   “I” or “o” before the phobe is always a raging debate.

In that spirit, I declare everyone out there who in any way take issue with my own disagreement of your position on anything even remotely moral to be a Religiophobe.   I suppose it’s probably more accurate to say it’s Christophobia.    After all, all the hateful people are really Christians.   But I think Religiophobia rolls off the tongue a little better, so the  Christian element will mostly be implied, but this does serve an ecumenical purpose.

Feel free to populate the internet with claims of religiophobia.   Of course, everyone will argue that it’s silly and incorrect and try to explain a thousand different ways why there could be no such thing, or why it’s different.   Have none of it.   The playbook is to ignore, ignore, ignore and just keep throwing out the word over and over.   Religiophobia!   Religiophobia!  Religiophobia!    Nanananananana!

After all, that’s really all that’s been done on all these other issues, and for whatever reason it actually stuck.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.   Or the anti-goose.    Or is that “Goosiphobia”?

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  1. It’s interesting how many people who call themselves atheists are actually anti-Christian. I live in a pagan country, and nobody here has any interest in picking on Christianity–what’s it to them? Incidentally, gay “marriage” is also illegal here, and nobody cares. Fighting for the “rights” of the “oppressed” is actually a quite Christian attitude! So there are people who accept the teachings of Christianity on such a knee-jerk level that they don’t even recognize them for what they are, and those same people are fighting against Christianity. Do they even know what they’re fighting for? I wish people could see what the world would look like without Christianity. They might be shocked!

  2. I believe some have no idea who are they are aligning themselves with. These people will eventually be forced into one of two directions: (1) continue to capitulate (you know, in the name of love and peace) and completely turn a blind eye to injustices against Christians that will continue to become more and more aggressive as time goes on, or (2) will wake up and see what it is they have helped bring about – perhaps in a shocking way, or perhaps when they are suddenly the target of something or another.

    I also believe that some know exactly what they are doing, and would like nothing better than a world without Christianity, and no matter how negative this is for the world, they will never connect the dots that a world without Christ is a dark and lonely place. They’ll talk about the Crusades and Inquisition and some abortion clinic bomber and convince themselves that Christians were worse than whatever it is the world is going through at any given time.

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