Thought For The Day


I’m just really happy that the USA 5000m Silver Medalist, Paul Chelimo, was reinstated as the the Silver Medalist after first getting DQ’d.

For those that didn’t see it, he was so excited and happy, and he found out about his disqualification on national TV when the reporter told him about it.    The devastation and disappointment on his face was heart-wrenching.

Looking at the video, one could see why.   There was some jostling but there certainly didn’t seem to be anything blatant or advantage-gaining.

The US appealed and won the appeal.

Congrats, Paul.   You ran a great race and deserved it.   Also, congrats to the entire US long-distance team.   Traditionally, we are not real strong in this area, but the 2016 team really showed well (including a Gold medal in the men’s 1500m for the first time since 1908!)


And yes, I love the Olympics.


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