For Any New Followers


Since I restarted occasional blogging, a few new people have peeked in on me here.   This is not my day job, and I take breaks, because life is busy and we all must prioritize.   But I hope you find some of my posts interesting or edifying in some way.

One thing you’ve probably noticed is that I write and record music.  It’s a hobby and an outlet.  Having said that, I try to use the talent God gave me to write music that has some meaning to it, that glorifies God, or that conveys a message I think to be important.

I was delighted a little while back to receive an e-mail from someone in Florida who shares my affinity for the Packers, and who also took some time to listen to the music I have linked to on this site (see music page above).    After a brief exchange, he asked to purchase a CD.

Well, my CD was a bucket-list venture.   Honestly, I’m just thrilled to provide them free of charge to anyone who actually wants one.   And I’m dead serious about that.

Now, the main issue is it does cost $3 plus the envelope to ship them, and I am willing to eat the cost for the occasional requestor.   My deal has been that you need to promise to pray for my family and I.   I’ve said that makes us even, but I feel bad in retrospect saying that, since it devalues prayer.   Actually, I am sure I come out way ahead on that deal.

So, if anyone wants a CD, you can contact me via e-mail and I’ll gladly send you a copy.   No need to pay me anything.   If you insist, I won’t turn you down, but please I am serious that it is not necessary.

You can actually find my CD in cdbaby as well, if you want to order the old fashioned way or download it.   I think I have it there for $5.    As you can see, I’m not in it for the riches.   Also, you can find me on spotify too.

I have actually just finished a new song.   It is a pro-life song that I have put a lot of thought and effort into and I think it is possibly the strongest message I’ve ever incorporated into a song.    I will post that separately, probably tomorrow.   I encourage you to look for it.

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