Marching Women


I have no issues with anyone marching or protesting on whatever it is they want to march and protest about.    It is one of our rights as a U.S. citizen to exercise our voice and freely express our opinion.

That doesn’t mean I find the free speech in question good or honorable.   It just means I believe in the rights of people to be wrong or make fools of themselves.

I have a few issues with the hundreds of thousands of people who marched on Saturday, supposedly to give women a voice.

  • There was no particular thing they seemed to be marching about. I have no issues with a desire for equal treatment, equal pay, equal dignity, etc.    But this seemed much more like a pro-abortion, pro-planned-parenthood march garnished with a general tantrum about the outcome of the election.
  • If you are claiming that being a woman is your unifying parameter, then women should not have turned away other women from joining in the march.    Women wearing Trump hats or carrying pro-life signs were turned away.
  • If you’re going to start a movement that endears yourselves to others and to change minds and hearts, adopting Madonna and Ashley Judd as your spokespeople is not a good place to start.

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  1. Once again you’ve hit the nail on the head. My personal theory is that women marching for the right to kill their own babies sounds bad even to liberals, so they had to be vague about it (just like how PP’s talking points beat around the bush to the point of absurdity). But they all sort of know that’s what it’s about, which is why they don’t want to march with pro-life Trump supporters.

    • My sister and I were texting back and forth on this. Basically, I think in general the anti-God progressive Left is simply in a huge panic and they are responding emotionally and without a lot of rational thought. This march is a good example of that. It’s one thing to formulate a specific grievance and protest and March on Washington with some purpose in mind. It’s quite another to just have a clarion call for all women to march about… well, we’re not sure, but we that we DON’T want certain women!

      I think over the last 8 years people misread the Presidency of Barack Obama and the advancement of progressive causes as a greater acceptance of those things than actually occurred. People voted for Obama for a multitude of reasons. Some people, to be sure, voted for liberal progressive reasons. Many others just liked the guy, or wanted “change” in a more general sense. Whether the reasons were general, or based on race, or his speaking ability and charisma, or other policy, the point is that he also very much advanced socially progressive causes – gay marriage, transgenderism, state-funded abortions, etc. And while he succeeded, this wasn’t the primary reason people voted for him.

      But I think the progressive left got it in their heads that because Obama was voted in twice, advanced this agenda, and then aided by his Supreme Court nominees was able to codify these causes judicially, that all of America was on their side. That progressivism is the new normal, and that the only remaining dissenters were bigoted and backward voiceless wanderers in the desert.

      The fact is, while perhaps more people were willing to accept these social changes, most people who opposed them still opposed them, and in the middle are a whole lot of people who are ambivalent and don’t particularly care one way or the other, so they vote on other issues.

      The fact that Trump won is like a punch to the guy from what they thought reality was. They now realize that they are part of a vocal minority, just like us social conservatives are part of a vocal minority. The country is filled with people who shrug about these things and voted for Trump or Obama because of other reasons. In Trump’s case it’s trade, jobs, immigration, and the fact that he isn’t beholden to anyone.

      This means that the progressive left, who thought they won (and did advance their agenda under Obama) has to come to grips with the fact that they still need to fight for their side, they need to win hearts and minds, because right now if people don’t like a Progressive’s tax policy or view on trade or whatever, that person isn’t beholden to the progressive liberal social that forms the entirety of their worldview.

      But they are entirely unhinged, and incapable, at least at the moment, of forming a rational or coherent strategy. Their strategy is to enlist Hollywood, to scream like babies while wearing p***y hats and caring signs showing women’s genitalia, and proclaiming that they want to bomb the white house. The March had a lot of people participate – that is undeniable. But there is no coherency to it, and nobody really knows what they were asking for. I still don’t. I guess, in general, it’s respect for women. Which is ironic, because the signs and chants at the Marches were so demeaning to themselves it would have made Trump blush.

      This is simply an unhinged and disorganized group of people with no actual unifying purpose other than the fact that Hillary lost and Trump won and they are angry and upset about it.

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