Random Thoughts to End 2021


1 – Why Do all international news correspondents have English accents?

2 – Possibly the dumbest thing ever invented that people actually seem to buy are those plastic straws with curves and hoops on them. I mainly just wish I would have thought of it.

3 – The Brewers’ showing in the playoffs this year showed me that Craig Counsel is a great in-season manager and a horrible post-season manager.

4 – I decided that one of my goals in life is to spend an inordinate amount of money on a car stereo.

5 – Introducing my older kids to Season One of 24: 2022 resolution

6 – Praying that the momentum in the Pro-Life movement not only continues in the courts and legislatures, but in the hearts and minds of the populace. Support your local Pregnancy Centers that are there to both encourage life-affirming options, but are able to actively assist in the transition to parenthood or adoption that decision entails. God bless all the good work these places do.

7 – I hope everyone is continuing to celebrate Christmas, and that 2022 is a year of transition to an increased person and communal faith in God that reverses some of the crazy trends we’ve seen over the last number of decades.

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