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News of the Day – June 1, 2012


Every now and again I like to grab a few of the current headlines and instead of delving into a lengthy post on a single topic, just give my very brief summary of the news as I see it. Today is one of those days.

Unemployment goes up to 8.2%

Summary: A few things are clearly going on here. The continued economic slump is obviously George Bush’s fault, but more importantly is the fault of Catholics waging a war on women who won’t allow free contraception to be included in health plans.

NY City bans large sodas at restaurants

Summary: It’s really not about whether or not soda is good for you, nor is it about whether or not it’s a legitimate governmental function to show the results of studies where people take in too much sugar, and try to promote good behavior. It’s about “Really? We’re now living in a country where the government bans large sodas, because the government has decided what is and what isn’t good for us?” The answer, at least in NYC is… yes. God bless America. I guess they’ve solved all their other problems.

The Green Lantern is Outed as a gay superhero.

Summary: Ugh. I read comics as a kid. Never in my life did I imagine this unnecessary, gratuitious, and outright immoral crossing of religious and social barriers.

The Vatican’s Bertone, the Butler, and a Bumbling Bureaucracy>

Summary: I am sad to see division and leaks and mistrust at the highest levels of the Vatican. As a Catholic, it is important to understand that these unfortunate elements of the Vatican as a political entity as well as a Religious one can cause frustration, but should never result in a crisis of faith. The Holy Spirit is our guide, and the magesterial teachings of the Church guide us. We do place trust in our leadership, but as Ronald Reagan said “Trust, but verify.” Trust Christ and the Church, but sometimes individual men act like… well… men.

Nuns push back.

Summary: Oh, how I was hoping and praying for obedience and humility from the sisters! I wish I could say that I am surprised. After all, once you start preaching heterodoxy on important issues, what difference is it if you give a defiant posture when called on it? I’ve seen it with my 11 year old, I’ve seen it with Jesuit Universities, and now we can officially add the LCWR to the list. I call them the “Liberal Catholic Women Religious.”

Sex-Selection Abortion ban fails

Summary: Due to procedural needs for a 2/3 majority, this measure failed, but it clearly abolished any remaining questions as to whether or not the one true Sacrament of the Democratic Party is abortion. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, all abortion is murder. Like “hate crimes,” I’m not sure why one’s personal motivation for a murder should really make a difference. “Jimmy killed Johnny because he wanted his bike. 20 years. Timmy killed Teddy because he is black. Life without parole.” I mean, I’m digressing a bit, but is it really “better” that someone unemotionally murders someone for a bike than if someone else murders someone else over irrational hatred? I never really got that. So, in that same vein, I am not sure why the reason of aborting based on “sex selection” is any more horrid than purely selfish reasons of “I just don’t want a baby.”

Having said that, it certainly does help paint a picture of distaste that is emotionally real to people. And given that abortion is wrong, I’m certainly in favor if any limitations on it we can achieve.

It is interesting that some of the most liberal countries and abortion-accepting countries in the world have managed to find sex-selection of infants so societally distateful that they have managed to ban abortions in those circumstances without banning abortion altogether. yet, to hear the Democrats argue the case yesterday, you’d swear that this proposed law is an affront to all that’s sacred and holy in the “women’s choice” arena.

One final comment: given that “sex-selction” most often means “I want to abort a girl so I can have a boy,” which party is the one supporting a “war on women?”

Crossing the Moral Rubicon


Originally posted on on May 22, 2008.

In my previous post, A Discussion on God and Chastisement (A Precursor to “Crossing the Moral Rubicon”), I discussed the general concept of divine chastisement as a response to sin, and how controversial this topic can be.

If I may briefly summarize my own view, I conclude that such chastisements do, in fact, occur and are illustrated in Scripture in not just a past sense, but it is also clear that there are clear foretellings of future chastisements. I also conclude that these chastisements may not always be apparent, particularly to those who will generally dismiss such things. In addition, all this originally stems from the original sin that disordered creation to begin with. Also, as for the difficult concept of how these chastisements affect “good people” too, I don’t have a particular issue with that. As I pointed out, good and moral people suffer too, and we all die sometime. Balancing this with the additional caveats that I do not think that we’re particularly able to get inside the mind of God and explain with definitiveness that one particular sin was the reason for some chastisement on a particular locale, we also need to be careful. At the same time, chastisements can occur as the seeds of our own actions, and while these are allowed by God and occur as part of His creation, they are a result of our own doings (certain diseases, for example).

It is a complicated theological question.

Some have long believed that we crossed a line where God’s Justice would finally extend past His patience and Mercy when abortion became commonplace, socially acceptable, and eventually codified as a basic human right. In some sense, I believe that we have been and are being chastised for that, but this may well fall under the umbrella of the seeds of our own actions. Now, those who believe that people are the problem and that the earth cannot support more people will disagree with me, but I personally do not believe this at all. Our country has essentially exterminated 25% of what would have been its cohort group of 36 year olds and under (don’t believe me? Do the math. 40 million+ abortions in the USA since 1972 would be over 25% of the population of people aged 36 and under today. This doesn’t include chemical abortions that are not recorded). And yet, look at what has happened. Our society has eliminated all that knowledge, which if we were doing things God’s way, I suspect would have gone a long way towards solving whatever problems are perceived. In our wisdom, we have created an unprecedented demographic shift to those who need societal support, on top of the existing infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) whose burden will fall to a smaller percentage of people. Forced to rely on immigrants, we have accepted as common practice those who wish to reside in our country not as proud USA citizens, but as a segregated society – both legal and illegal. This is even more of a problem in Europe. Read the rest of this entry