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  1. Regagarding England on a Friday in Pedro Regis’ alleged visions; the Pope visits England from Thursday to Sunday September 16-19. There is that crackpot threat to arrest him for crimes against humanity.

  2. For the years 1988 and 1990, these seem to me to refer to the revolutions in eastern Europe, with events starting Poland in the year 1988, revolutions continuing in eastern Europe throughout 1989 and ending in 1990, though mostly the events were in 1989. The final coup and end of the Soviet Union in Russia itself was in 1991. Fatima said Communism would spread errors throughout the world if people didn’t convert and pray. Most believe that Pope John Paul II did as was asked and consecrated the world to Our Lady in 1984. So, those revolutions ending communism in eastern Europe and ultimately in Russia could be seen as part of the triumph Our Lady predicted.

  3. We recognize its commitment to spreading the messages of the Virgin Mary, sent to Peter Regis. Peter grnde Regis is a man of faith and has served us well here in Brazil, through his preaching in several of our estadps país.Espero that one day Peter would visit the U.S. to its people also can experience the graces we have experienced here. God bless

    Father Paul

    • Thank you for your comment, Father Paul. In these matters, I am certainly open to possibility of apparitions. I am cautious to make sure nothing is contrary to the faith, and ultimately will abide by what the greater Church rules on the matter – if they do.

      Certainly, the spiritual messages are worthy of being heeded.

  4. Will you be updating Pedro’s messages?

    Someone on one forum even made a map of places where events would take place.


    -Hope you can update his messages, you did a great job thus far!

    • Sorry it took so long to respond.

      Life has taken me other things at the moment. I have his messages printed out for review, but it’s a time-consuming task which I haven’t had or made time for. I do hope to revisit it. All I can say is to check back monthly to see if there’s an update. I don’t post very often anymore, so you won’t be missing a whole lot unless something changes to free up some time.

  5. Dear Joe:

    I have been following the messages of Pedro Regis for some time, and appreciate having a thread on it.

    If you look at the history of these sorts of prophecies, there are some common characteristics:

    One, there was a visionary in Europe a few hundred years back who was warned of a local famine if the people did not change their ways, and go back to a more solid faith. They heard the message, and the famine was averted. If we are looking for a prophet and prophecy which is 100% predictive of the future, this denies man’s gift of free will, which enables him to change the future by altering his present behavior to be in tune with God’s Will. This is a common characteristic of such prophecies, that warnings are given so that disasters can be averted, or at least mitigated to a greater or lesser degree.

    Two, the messages repeatedly speak of “conversion”. That is something which is taking place all the time, and each single individual has an effect upon the overall balance between good and evil in the world. So, the future is not set in stone, but rather consists of probable events, with some having a higher probability than others, and many having the possibility of mitigation through prayer and conversion. The point is, we cannot know how much conversion is taking place, and how much mitigation is taking place.

    Three, as you mention, something may be lost or changed in the translation. Also, sometimes in these particular messages, She gets the general region right, but the particular city is wrong. Or there is a reference to some place that was important for previous visionaries of Our Lady. Two examples, She mentioned events in Akita, Japan and also in Assissi. Major disasters occurred in these regions, but not at the exact locations she mentioned. Both cities were spared. But maybe She just used these cities, as they have some prior significance to Her, or She may feel they are more useful as points of reference to Catholics.

    Four, regarding the comments about Protestantism, I have a book about the visions of Mary of the Holy Trinity, and in one place Jesus mentions the error of Protestant Doctrine, but never says they cannot have salvation or are in perdition.

    • Douglas, thanks for your comments. I have not kept up to date on what has been going on with the Pedro Regis apparitions as of late. I probably should spend some time catching up on that. I have been focusing much more on taking a “top-down” approach with respect to Catholic Prophecy.

      I have spoken with many people on different prohecies and I am always somewhat taken aback by the combination of fear, anxiety, and a somewhat unhealthy preoccupation with prophetic messages (particularly of the unapproved variety). I was prompted to once again go back and revisit a walk through the Catechism with respect to prophecy in response to a request that I meet with some people to discuss “the three days of darkness.” My response is that something like the three days of darkness or any other specific prophetic (conditional or not) should not and cannot be discussed properly without a complete understadning of the underlying intent of God’s allowance of prophetic messages. The best place to start in firming up that understanding is the Catechism. While it does not speak to the detail of private revelations, it lays the groundwork in which we need to read and understand them. Without that, we risk focusing too much on them at the expense of public revelation and we risk missing the point entirely. Prophecy is not about instilling fear – it is to (1) drive behavior, (2) warn the faithful so they are properly prepared both physically and spiritually, and (3) to understand exactly why certain things are happening and that it is ultimately for the salvation of souls as well as divine justice.

      So anyway, I can appreciate following Pedro Regis and otehr visionaries, and I do try to keep tabs on the prophetic pulse. But my energies are elsewhere at the moment.

  6. Good morning Joe! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for 2 blog awards over on Biltrix. Thanks for the wonderful Catholic blogging! (And for all the diatribes!)

  7. In message number 3.231 is claiming that a something very sad will happen in Yugoslavia. Message is from 24.10.2009.
    People ; our Lady would now that state of Yugoslavia does not exist any more. The Yugoslavian Republic ( SFRJ) collapsed in a bloody war in the early nineties. Other two countries Serbia and Monte Negro split in 2006. and from that year state of Yugoslavia is only histoy.

    How Our Lady talkinig about state taht does not exist, I do not now.

    Best Regards from Croatia

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