Pro-Life Song

My contribution to the Year of Mercy:


For more on The Storm, check out Charlie Johnston’s blog, The Next Right Step.


It warms my heart to have my daughter Amanda sing on one of my musical pieces – Be Still and Know:


Advent song – music is mine, but lyrics are from text by St. Ambrose:


Track 1 from my CD “Avant-God” – “Holy Water”


Track 2 from my CD “Avant-God” – I Dream of Heaven


Track 3 from my CD “Avant-God” – Quiet Time


Track 4 from my CD “Avant-God” – The Game


Track 5 from my CD “Avant-God” – Heaven Has a Broken Heart


Track 6 from my CD “Avant-God” – You Are My God


Track 7 from my CD “Avant-God” – Livin’ in a New Way


Track 8 from my CD “Avant-God” – Song for His Parents



Track 9 from my CD “Avant-God” – Thank You, Lord


Track 10 from my CD “Avant-God” – HiStory


Track 11 from my CD “Avant-God” – Matter of Christ


Track 12 from my CD “Avant-God” – Little Things


Track 13 from my CD “Avant-God” – Hooked on Jesus (Worked for me)


Track 14 from my CD “Avant-God” – This Unity of Light


Track 15 from my CD “Avant-God” – Avant-God